Sunday, July 31, 2011

Brandt's Birthday Party

Brandt. Loves. Trains.

So when it came to deciding what to do for his birthday, there was no decision to  make.  I knew it would be trains.  Now, when my kids turn two, I think they're still too young for a party with friends so we always just have a little party with the family.  No big deal.  Still, I try to make it a special day.  Here are some of the things we did.

We swam in the pool.  You might ask what this had to do with trains.  Nothing.  We just did it because it sounded fun/cool.  And it was!

I just posted three pictures of us swimming because I hardly have any others from this day!  I am looking at my pictures in shock because I can't believe I didn't take more.  *sigh*
That means I'll just have to explain it to you.
This was Brandt's cake, made following an idea from familyfun.

And just for fun I got a roll of wide masking tape and made "tracks" from our front door all the way around out kitchen island.  I placed a covered card table over the tracks to make a "tunnel".  Brandt and the other boys had a blast hooking up together to make a long train (Mitch and I joined in too, of course) and making our way around the track.  Everyone took a turn being the "engine."

I had prepared this egg carton train craft, which my boys all had fun with.  Brandt, was to young to join in the crafting, but he had fun playing with the finished product!

After gifts, I presented each boy with a "ticket" to the train at a local park, where we would take the boys that weekend.

The day we rode the train I tried to get Brandt to wear an engineer's hat for the train ride but he would have none of it.  That's okay.  The train ride ended up being  a lot of fun, even though it was hot outside.  The train even went across a little bridge and through a tunnel.  Overall this was a simple, fun birthday party that made Brand't day special.

Brandt is Two

I can hardly believe my baby is two years old.  And yet, it's gone by so fast!  I love this little guy.

He binds our family together because we all love him so much.  His brothers are always helping him, playing with him and making him laugh.  They may fight with each other but they all have tender hearts towards Brandt.  

Well, look at him.  Can you blame them.?

Brandt can always make me smile.  He'll run at me, arms stretched out yelling, "Maaaahm!"  And when I scoop him up he throws his arms around my neck and hugs me so tightly I wonder how he has such strength in those small arms.  Someday when he's too big to scoop up, maybe when he's a teenager grinning at me after his first shave, or when he's a father scooping up his own son, I want to be able to remember those hugs that were just for me.  Full of all the love in his heart.  And that's why I'm writing this.

Brandt, whenever you need a hug you can come to me because I'll always have a hug just for you too.