Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Storm Run

Tonight my love and I went for a run
My first in months - maybe a year
The city lights made the clouds glow
Lightning flashed like a strobe light
The smell of desert rain sizzled on the power lines
Cool drops slid down my face like tears
The rhythm of my breath was drowned by the
Thunder that chased my pounding feet home

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Half Birthday

My baby is already six months old.

Time is so fleeting. I feel like I'm holding my moments with him like grains of sand in my hands and no matter how hard I try, the sand leaks through until suddenly it will be gone, and he'll be reading chapter books and making up songs on the piano. So for now I'll treasure the cuddles, the adoring smiles, and the belly giggles as much as I can.

Two Wheels

Dallin rides without training wheels now.

He learned quickly! His dad took off the training wheels, showed him a few things and he took off. Today he rode his bike to Caleb's school and back. No problem. Go, Dallin!

Winter Fun

We had tons of snow-filled fun with Mitch's brother and his family at their cabin. Thanks, guys!

This is Grumpletee, Adam's snowman, built with just a little help from his dad.

Dallin took great care with his snowman to make it look just right.

Caleb and Brayden's snowman had a genuine carrot nose.

There was a fun sledding hill.

And it was cold enough to warrant the use of what Adam calls the "bumpy" coats and other snow gear. Talk about fun. Do you like the snow-crusted glove stretched over Adam's cast hand?

It was a great snow day.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I spotted a girl on the busy elementary school campus this afternoon with what looked like one of those cardboard jewelry-display hooks with a necklace dangling from it. As I got closer I saw that it was actually two necklaces. They were the "best friend" kind where you wear a necklace with half of the heart and you give your best friend the necklace with the other half. Sure enough, the best friend stood waiting with a look of pleased expectation as the girl wiggled her necklace free. It made me smile.

I had just met up with Caleb, and he was walking with me.
"Mom, look what I found on the playground at recess."
It was a grey/brown chunk of...foam? "M-hmm." I responded.
"Mateo was chasing me all over for it."
"He was? He wanted the foam?"
"So at the end of recess I tore it and gave him half of it," he grinned.
Mateo is Caleb's best friend.

A shiny necklace and a chunk of foam. They boil down to the same thing. Here's to friendship.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas 2009

We had a lovely, quiet Christmas. Brandt had the honor of portraying baby Jesus in the live Nativity at our church Christmas party. Mitch and I got to be Joseph and Mary. It was very sweet - a good reminder of the true meaning of Christmas.

It was Brandt's first and, as predicted, he really had fun...with the wrapping paper.

These are some of the boys' favorite gifts:

Brandt's Jumparoo

Dallin's remote-control stunt car:

Caleb's Legos:

Adam's Superman:

More sweet moments: