Sunday, May 9, 2010

Caleb's Baptism

Caleb was baptized yesterday.  It was a beautiful and spiritual experience, and in being baptized he has taken the first step along the path to returning to Heavenly Father.  We're very proud of him for his good choices and we love Caleb for the person he is.

And doesn't he look handsome in his suit?

Love from Brandt

I got to sit in the back next to Brandt as we drove a couple hours north to my brother-in-law's cabin.  I was reading my book when I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Brandt was quietly watching me.  I turned my head and looked over at him.  As soon as our eyes met he lit up with a big smile and I felt like he was giving me his heart through his eyes.

He was telling me he loved me just as clearly as if he had spoken out loud.  It melted me.

The Falling Tree

My parents-in-law have helped us out with lots of projects while they've been here visiting.  Things like hanging ceiling fans on the patio, fixing leaks, building picture frames, helping with birthday party preparations etc.  One of the projects was to fell this tree.

Who's that handsome guy on the ladder?

My father-in-law, Tom, is pretty good with a chainsaw and it's a good thing too!  We didn't want that big tree to crash down on anything.  He and Mitch used a stabilizing rope and a couple well-placed wedge cuts to make it fall where they wanted it to.  It all went smoothly.

Why did we take it down?  That tree sheds pollen and leaves like crazy, and it all falls right into our pool (and our backyard-neighbors') at the slightest little breeze.  Needless to say, the neighbor is pretty happy too.  I love trees, though, and although Mitch thinks the yard looks fine without it, I plan to plant another tree there.  One that doesn't shed as much.

How did we thank Grandpa?  Hugs and homemade cookies.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Caleb's 8th Birthday Party

The invitation:

Some of the decorations:

And, of course,  lots and lots of Legos!

We had a bunch of minifigures for the boys to choose from for the Minifig Obstacle Course (the favorite game of the day).

The boys spent a lot of time building their creations.  We ran out of time for all the activities because they were having so much fun just building.  And that's okay.  

One of Caleb's creations.  Yes, that's Darth Vader driving.  This vehicle won a ribbon for going the farthest off the ramp.

Dallin's favorite:

Demolition derby:

The cake:

Eight candles!

Homemade Lego gummies and minifigure stickers for goody bags:

Caleb told me afterward that it was the funnest birthday party he's ever been to or had.  That  means he had a blast, and that means it was worth it.  Happy birthday, Caleb!

The Swing

We have a swing that hangs from high in a tall tree in the backyard.  The ropes are long and it's arc is broad an our boys love it.  They're on it every day.  Since there is only one they also fight over it.  But sometimes, they enjoy it together.

Each of them has fallen off the swing and hurt themselves on the rocks or scraped themselves on the bark of the tree (although that's not where Dallin got the sore you see on his forehead).  It doesn't stop them from hopping right back on.

One Sunday Afternoon

I love Sundays.  Not only do I get a spiritual refresh, but I love spending time away from the world and just with my family.

On this Sunday the weather was beautiful so we spent it out in our backyard.

Brandt pushed this truck all over the grass...  

...and helped his Dad pull weeds.

Caleb played bocce with Grandpa.

Adam and Dallin played with water guns.

And Grandma sat and enjoyed it all.

What did I do?  Baked cookies and took pictures.  

It was simple and lovely, just like Sunday afternoons should be, though I wouldn't mind if I could sneak an occasional nap in there.