Saturday, May 8, 2010

Caleb's 8th Birthday Party

The invitation:

Some of the decorations:

And, of course,  lots and lots of Legos!

We had a bunch of minifigures for the boys to choose from for the Minifig Obstacle Course (the favorite game of the day).

The boys spent a lot of time building their creations.  We ran out of time for all the activities because they were having so much fun just building.  And that's okay.  

One of Caleb's creations.  Yes, that's Darth Vader driving.  This vehicle won a ribbon for going the farthest off the ramp.

Dallin's favorite:

Demolition derby:

The cake:

Eight candles!

Homemade Lego gummies and minifigure stickers for goody bags:

Caleb told me afterward that it was the funnest birthday party he's ever been to or had.  That  means he had a blast, and that means it was worth it.  Happy birthday, Caleb!

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