Friday, November 12, 2010

Fall Sports

We've been pretty busy with sports this fall.  Dallin played machine-pitch baseball and Caleb played flag football.  Between practices and games for these two, we had sports six nights of the week!  Not only that, but Mitch was the coach for Caleb's team.  Here are a few pictures.  The boys have had a lot of fun and learned some new skills.  Dallin was awarded the Most Improved Player award.  Caleb will play in tournament game tomorrow.  As for Mitch, I think he enjoyed his coaching experience and spending that extra time with Caleb.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cute Baby Update

Okay, so he's not really a baby anymore.  Anyway, Brandt has been growing and changing and I have some adorable pictures of him I want to share.

He's starting to talk more, adding some new words to his vocabulary.  "Na" means snack, "dees" means this and usually he's pointing to what he wants.  "Ba" means bath, "wa" means watch a show, "sh" means shoe, and so on.  He loves peek-a-boo, tickles, and gives sweet kisses.  He loves to say,  "I (insert the word 'love' here) Da Da!" and that just melts Mitch.  My favorite thing he says is an enthusiastic, "Yay!" whenever he's excited.  I love that.  Brandt's brothers love him.  They all try to help him, like to play with him, and ask him for hugs.  He's such a joy.  And so handsome.  Wouldn't you agree?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween 2010

Some favorite pictures from this year's Halloween.

The kids went trick-or-treating at Mitch's work.  I think Adam rocked Batman in this one.

Brandt soon figured out that this whole thing was about getting candy.  He was pretty tickled about that.

These black cat cookies have almost become an annual tradition.

The family at the church trunk-or-treat party.

Carving jack-o-lanterns.

Caleb and Dallin carved their own.


Dallin picked this costume to wear early in the season.  He wanted it because it was a "tricky" one, and he loved hearing compliments about the costume everywhere!
Caleb couldn't wear his ghost costume to the party because he couldn't have his face covered.  So he went as a gnome like Dallin.

Halloween dinner: Chicken Noodle Spook with Salty Bones and Eyeballs.

It was a happy Halloween

Big Thoughts

Adam: When I'm eighteen I'll be big.
Me: Yes you will.
Adam: ...I'll be bigger than a whale!
Me: (to myself) I hope not.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Quote of the Day

We were listening to music and Adam was singing along.  Annoyed, Dallin called out, "Stop singing!  It sounds better when only they're singing."

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Adam's 4th Birthday Party

Bugs!  This one was all about creepy-crawly critters.

I tweaked an idea from a  familyfun Valentine's Day card for the invitations:

The kids helped me decorate with tissue paper "grass", plastic bugs from our collection, simple napkin butterflies, and balloon bugs.

At the front door:

We played fun games like this carry-the-bug relay (while listening to some cool bug tunes),

We played pin the spot on the ladybug (the spots are Oreo halves).

Brandt thought that one was a lot of fun.

We rolled "tumble bugs" down a ramp.

Hunted for plastic bugs in our front yard,

And, most exciting of all, swatted "bubble bugs!"

Here's a shot of the cake:

I'm pretty sure Adam and all his little friends had lots of fun.  Happy birthday, Adam.  I love you.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Adam's Four

Adam turned four last month!  Can you believe it? Probably, but to me it's crazy.

Ten things I love about Adam:

The things he says.  Sometimes they're the darndest, most heart-melting things.  Yesterday it was, "Mom, why did the workers build Grandma and Grandpa's house far away?"

His innocence.

The way he sincerely declares, almost daily, his love for things.  Today he gathered a bucketful of lemons under our tree, proudly showed me and then peered into the bucket. "I love lemons," he said.

The way he poses for the camera (see above).

The way he searches my face for a smile and, as if prompting me, puts a cheese on his own face.

The way he wants me to pick him up and snuggle him.

The way he sprinkles his speech with the word "actually."

Watching him play with Brandt.

The way he loves to be tickled.  His giggle is contagious.

The way he forgives his older brothers, even if they're mean to him.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall Break

Some friends of ours invited us to join them for Fall break.  We spent a few days in Pinetop and soaked in the beauty of these tall trees, fall colors, and the smell of pine while spending time together.  It was lovely.

We went on a beautiful hike.

And tried to snap some family photos.

It was so nice to get away from everything for a few days and just be together.  Thanks, guys!