Sunday, November 7, 2010

Adam's 4th Birthday Party

Bugs!  This one was all about creepy-crawly critters.

I tweaked an idea from a  familyfun Valentine's Day card for the invitations:

The kids helped me decorate with tissue paper "grass", plastic bugs from our collection, simple napkin butterflies, and balloon bugs.

At the front door:

We played fun games like this carry-the-bug relay (while listening to some cool bug tunes),

We played pin the spot on the ladybug (the spots are Oreo halves).

Brandt thought that one was a lot of fun.

We rolled "tumble bugs" down a ramp.

Hunted for plastic bugs in our front yard,

And, most exciting of all, swatted "bubble bugs!"

Here's a shot of the cake:

I'm pretty sure Adam and all his little friends had lots of fun.  Happy birthday, Adam.  I love you.

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Alicia Dabney said...

I love seeing your birthday parties! You should really write an idea book for birthday parties.