Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Falling Tree

My parents-in-law have helped us out with lots of projects while they've been here visiting.  Things like hanging ceiling fans on the patio, fixing leaks, building picture frames, helping with birthday party preparations etc.  One of the projects was to fell this tree.

Who's that handsome guy on the ladder?

My father-in-law, Tom, is pretty good with a chainsaw and it's a good thing too!  We didn't want that big tree to crash down on anything.  He and Mitch used a stabilizing rope and a couple well-placed wedge cuts to make it fall where they wanted it to.  It all went smoothly.

Why did we take it down?  That tree sheds pollen and leaves like crazy, and it all falls right into our pool (and our backyard-neighbors') at the slightest little breeze.  Needless to say, the neighbor is pretty happy too.  I love trees, though, and although Mitch thinks the yard looks fine without it, I plan to plant another tree there.  One that doesn't shed as much.

How did we thank Grandpa?  Hugs and homemade cookies.

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