Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I spotted a girl on the busy elementary school campus this afternoon with what looked like one of those cardboard jewelry-display hooks with a necklace dangling from it. As I got closer I saw that it was actually two necklaces. They were the "best friend" kind where you wear a necklace with half of the heart and you give your best friend the necklace with the other half. Sure enough, the best friend stood waiting with a look of pleased expectation as the girl wiggled her necklace free. It made me smile.

I had just met up with Caleb, and he was walking with me.
"Mom, look what I found on the playground at recess."
It was a grey/brown chunk of...foam? "M-hmm." I responded.
"Mateo was chasing me all over for it."
"He was? He wanted the foam?"
"So at the end of recess I tore it and gave him half of it," he grinned.
Mateo is Caleb's best friend.

A shiny necklace and a chunk of foam. They boil down to the same thing. Here's to friendship.

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