Monday, November 10, 2008

A Great Day for a Hike

Saturday was beautiful. Sunny and cool, it was a great day for hiking.

We spent the morning here.

We hiked with our friends Matt and Ryland.

It was a great day for collecting sticks,

throwing rocks,

climbing rocks,

and enjoying the desert beauty.

Don't let Adam fool you. He had fun most of the time.

It was refreshing to spend time outdoors, to soak in the rugged landscape and just be together.

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Katja said...

Wow Anna, you are amazing. Where do you get all the energy to do all those things with your kids? I only have Talita at home, but she wears me out. Oh, have you seen my blog yet? Yes, it is in German, but the pictures are in any language you would like them to be. :)