Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a happy Thanksgiving. Our guests included another family in the neighborhood and two of Mitchs friends. It was a mixed group but we all enjoyed each other's company and all the great food!

It had rained the night before and the kids discovered plenty of super-gooey, fun mud to play in.

Dallin decided to dive right in and slather it on.

The garden hose comes in handy for moments like these.

Mmmm. Adam's favorite pie was Frozen German Chocolate.

A few days after the feast, Caleb got the wish-power half of the wishbone.

I'm just so thankful for everything I have been given in my life. I love Thanksgiving because it's a time set aside for us all to reflect on those things and remember how much we truly have. I believe a lot of happiness comes from being grateful.

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