Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Today, to prevent my children from A) sitting in front of the TV all day and B) wailing in my ear that they're BORED, I sent them on a photo scavenger hunt with the following list:

Dallin BIG, Dallin small, sun shining on leaves, something you made in the sandbox, the underside of something, 5 round things, part of a toy (up close), the whole toy, both of you, Adam smiling, someone running, something blue, a bug or a bird

They had a lot of fun, and here's what they came up with:


Becky said...

What a fun idea! My kids would love that, so I will have to borrow it.

Chad and Mindy said...

What a good idea!! You are so creative. I'll have to try that sometime.

Katja said...

Hey Anna, are you finding out what you are having? and when?