Friday, October 16, 2009

Pet Sliver

Adam got a sliver near the arch of his left foot. He didn't tell me about it. I noticed him curling his toes and bending his foot inward as he tried to run, stiff-legged, behind his brothers. When I examined his foot to find out why, he wiggled and tried to pull it from my hand with all his might (wow, that kid is stronger than he looks!) and tearfully begged me not to touch it.

"But I can get it out for you!"

"No, no, no. Don't touch it!" (kicks his foot out of my grasp and begins hobbling away)

(following him) "If I get it out it won't hurt anymore."

"Leave it. Don't touch it. No!" (sobbing/hobbling)

"Please let me help you. I'll be quick!"

"No!" (sob/hobble)

"Would you rather just have it poking in your foot like that?"


(stop, sigh, mutter) "I guess it will work its way out. Eventually."

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Becky said...

I once stepped on a toothpick and part of it broke off in my foot. It was torture until I let my mom get it out. It was swollen and infected by then. Maybe keep an eye on Adams--have him soak his foot to help it come out.