Monday, July 5, 2010

No More Band

Lose-the-band-day came and went last Monday, and Brandt is now helmet-free!  His head shape improved significantly, and we're so happy he's done with treatment!  He wore the DOC band for over three months and during that time he changed and grew, as all babies do, and we're tickled to be able to really see him again!

If you look closely you'll see that he has a few bumps and bruises on his pristine forehead and I think it's been a bit of a transition for him because he grew so used to having the protective helmet on.  It saved him many a bump and bruise, I'll tell you that.  I was actually sort of glad he had to wear the band while he was learning to walk, just for that added layer of protection.   And in case you're wondering, those are Adam's feet jumping on the couch behind Brandt.  I thought we had a rule about that...

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