Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chiricahua National Monument

Over Labor Day weekend we went camping at Chiricahua National Monument.  It is such a gem of a place.  The crowds were minimal, the weather cooler, and the landscape inspiring.  Here are some pictures from our visit.

One of the unique things about this place is all of the amazing rock formations, pillars, and "hoodoos" that abound.  We went on a hike called Echo Canyon Loop and soaked in the beauty and stillness of this place.

One of my favorite formations is this couple, frozen in a moment of romantic suspense...

The kids loved this place called the grottoes which was like a natural playground.  We took a snack break here.

I don't know if you can tell from this picture but the "roof" is formed by giant boulders jammed between pillars.

Another favorite part of the hike for the kids was the acorns.  There were bushes aplenty along the trail and the boys collected them with much enthusiasm.  They were not just acorns, they were "guys" with removable hats.

Adam especially took a liking to the acorn guys.  He stopped often to gather them, and soon filled his pockets.  And, I'm not going to lie, we even got a little frustrated with him for the slowness of his pace sometimes.  But not for long.

Critters and other beauties:

What a gorgeous place.

Before we headed home we stopped at Apple Annie's Orchard to pick some Asian pears.  Yum and double yum.

Somehow I missed snapping Adam's picture when he was eating.  But he loved them too!

As you can see we picked a big bucket full and have been handing them out to friends, classmates, and teammates since then.  They're almost gone now, but we sure have enjoyed them.

It was a great weekend full of beauty and quality time, and we made some lasting memories.

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