Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Copying is Weird

Dallin: Do you know what's weird that friends do sometimes?
Me: What?
Dallin: They copy each other.
Me: Mmmhmm
Dallin: Like one person says, "I like pears."  And the other person says, "I don't."  And the first person says, "Oh, actually I don't either."
Me: Did that happen today at school, Dallin?
Dallin: Yeah.  At school my friend said, "I like bacon."  And I said, "I don't."  And then he said, "Oh, actually I don't like bacon."  Then some other friends said, "What?  Bacon?  We love bacon!"
Me: What did your friend say then?
Dallin: He said, "I don't." but he actually does.


Alicia Dabney said...

How cute! You have four little gems there, Anna, but I'm sure you know that.

Matthew said...

What a smart boy. I miss your family Anna! We would love to come visit you again sometime! <3 Shantae