Sunday, June 5, 2011

First Week of Summer

What have we been doing for the first week of summer?

Well, we kicked it off with cake pops.

I had made them for teachers' gifts and, well, just to celebrate the start of summer vacation.

The kids painted t-shirts using the freezer paper technique (google it if you're confused).

Brandt's been busy with his Nesquik commercials.  Not really, but he could, right?

We had a great Memorial Day barbecue with friends and family after Mitch did a big hike with the guys.  I made these cupcakes, and mmm, they were fantabulous.

This was a fun collaborative art project.

We've had our first Saturday Store as part of our summer program, where the kids get to spend their points.  In this picture Caleb is getting ready to leave for Cub Scout day camp, hence the sunscreen.

We're loving the fruits and vegetables of the season.

And look!  My tomatoes are getting ripe!

Summer is off to a good start!


Jen said...

What a fun mom you are! And I am SO jealous of your almost ripe tomatoes! :)

kara jayne said...

can i send my kids over? they deserve a mom like you!

Anna said...

Thanks, Jen. And I'm excited about the tomatoes!
Kara, your kids deserve a great mom: like YOU! ;)