Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Utah Trip Part Three - My Family

I love and miss my family so it's always a treat to spend time with them.

We spent a lovely Sunday afternoon with my grandparents.

We got to see my big brother and his family.

And my favorite sister, who always has fun ideas.  Here the boys are playing with oobleck.  They did it last visit and requested the activitiy again this trip!

 We also played Ultimate Frisbee with my younger brothers and niece and nephew and spent time in the beautiful canyon.  We played lots of games in the evenings and laughed a lot.

When we visited my parents I was so glad I had finally finished their portraits so I could present them as belated Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts.  

My youngest brother was such a good sport with my boys, who all love him.

We got a tour of this historic pioneer dugout.

The kids got to help harvest some rhubarb from the garden, which my mom and I turned into pie!

We took a trip up the canyon.  Caleb and Dallin hiked with their uncle John and Mitch to a waterfall while my mom stayed with the little ones and me.  I wish you could have seen how beautiful this little stream was where they played.

It was great to see all those faces I love.


c&c'smom said...
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Brinkerhoffs said...

Did you draw those portraits of your parents? Wow, that's awesome!

Anna said...

Jen, yes, I did draw those portraits. But it took me a good two years to finally get them done!

Alicia Dabney said...

I have loved seeing your photos from all portions of your Utah trip, and I am SO impressed by the portraits of your parents! Amazing work, Anna.