Monday, February 4, 2013

Cardboard Boxes and the Magic of Being 3

A couple of weeks ago after a trip to Costco I unloaded my groceries from this box.  I paused, ready to toss it in the recycle bin, then noticed how great a box it was.  Thick, sturdy, and it looked just like a car.  I thought Brandt might agree.

He did.  This box did indeed become a car.  Then a boat.  Then, with a comfy pillow and his sippy cup inside, the perfect place from which to watch cartoons.  I didn't have to paint it, fashion faux-wheels, steering wheel or anchor.  That all happened in Brandt's head.  Because childhood is magical.

Or maybe it's that the world seems magical to a child.

That same day at Costco Brandt saw the front of this box.

Pointing to the image he said, "That makes you disappear?"
If I had said yes, he would have believed it.

On the topic of disappearance, Dallin asked Brandt last night why he said "excuse me" when he burped.
Brandt replied that, "'Excuse me' makes your burp go away."

See?  Magic again.
If you can see past my references to digestive health and bodily functions, I'm sure you will agree.

And if I would allow my older boys to ride down the stairs in the Costco box, they might agree too.

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