Friday, February 13, 2009

Love, by Caleb


Love is like God, my mom, my dad, and my friends.
It is hugging and loving.
It sounds like bells ringing through my heart,
and like my parents saying they love me.
It tastes like my mom's heart cookies.
Love feels good.
Love smells like my mom's perfume.
Love is special because you need it to survive.

by Caleb

I think this afternoon I will bake some heart cookies... with pink frosting and extra sprinkles.


Becky said...

So SWEET!!! I love his ability to think of all those things. He's certainly a keeper.

Anna said...

To clarify, he was given prompts like "Love is like" and "Love feels" etc.
But I thought it was pretty great too! :-)

Alicia Dabney said...

That is so adorable, Anna! The extra sprinkles sound like they're are in order.

Chad and Mindy said...

That is so great. Caleb is such a good kid. I notice he lost his front teeth now too. How fun.