Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Renaissance Festival

Two Saturdays ago we spent the day at the Renaissance Festival. It was a lot of fun! People-watching is one of my favorite pastimes when we go to this event, because there are lots of interesting costumes and, well, interesting people to watch.

We enjoy going to some of the shows, our favorites being a juggling act, a whip master called Adam Crack, and of course the jousting. Here are some pictures from our day.

This is the world-record whip master, Adam Crack. Our boys love this guy. Some highlights from his show were precision whip cracking, in which he used the Big Black Whip of Death to snap the heads off flowers held by a volunteer, and then the fire whip, of course.
You can see by Caleb's face that he's riveted.

What would the festival be without the jousting tournament? It's definitely a highlight. Tempers flared during this joust such that the final two contenders challenged each other to a joust to the death (which I'm afraid we didn't stay for).

This is Caleb and Mitch waving from the top of the Dragon Tail Tower slide.

Good times. One of these years I'm going to go in costume to get the full experience.

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Alicia Dabney said...

That slide looks like so much fun!

Those fire whips scare me. Whenever I did the fire jam performances, I always stayed away when a whipper went out. It's cool stuff, though. ;)