Monday, May 11, 2009

A New Pastime (read: obsession)

To sum up, take a look at something Dallin said at lunch recently:

When I go to heaven I'll take the TV with me.
And the Wii.
And Lego Star Wars.

We got Lego Star Wars for the Wii a couple of months ago and since then it's become the most common topic of conversation between Caleb and Dallin: discussing all the guys, their abilities, and "remember that one part"s. They've picked Mitch's and my memory of who's who in Star Wars, and we've watched the first couple of movies together.

The game got so consuming (for Dallin especially) we had to initiate (drumroll...) the Media Minute Program, where they have a weekly allotment of media minute coins to use during the week. Dallin always runs out and then there's (sometimes fits and tempers) a lot of striving to earn more minutes. It's a constant thing. Sigh. I'm glad they have so much fun, but I hope the fervor dies down soon.

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