Monday, May 11, 2009

What I Love About Caleb

His smile. It's so cute with some of his teeth missing and some half grown back. Just take a look at that picture. To go along with that, I love his dimple. So fun to kiss.

His quiet nature. It really makes me tune in when he opens up. In fact, if I want to hear what he's saying at all, I have to tune in. He reminds me a lot of his dad.

His budding sense of responsibility. The other night I was urging the boys to go to bed (Did everyone use the bathroom? Look, I found your bear. Just get in bed!). Caleb suddenly appeared in front of me and began brushing his teeth. (Oh yeah! I forgot to brush teeth! Everybody out of bed and into the bathroom!)

His logic. Caleb is 7 years old. But he keeps me in line sometimes. And he's not shy about telling me if he thinks there's a "smarter way."

His heart. He shares his beloved "media minutes" (video-game time) with Dallin. He'll get a toy for Adam if he's sad. He'll read a story for his brothers. He opens the door for us. He lets Dallin go first (sometimes). He is a good friend. He'll make me tiny cards or notes and then hide them for me or give them to me on the sly. He loves being with and working with his Dad.

His desire to do what's right. Caleb likes to follow the rules. He likes to do things the right way. And he likes when others do too. How did we get so lucky as to get such a great example to lead the way for the rest of our boys?

His willingness to help. I often send Caleb on an errand in the house or to help one of his brothers if my hands are busy.

His sense of fairness. He wants to make sure everyone has the same chance at things.

His hugs and kisses. They're rare. Sometimes they're stiff. They're little pecks on the cheek. A rough embrace. And so I treasure every one I can get. One morning Caleb woke up first. He came and crawled into bed next to me and snuggled up. I lay perfectly still.

His laugh. Caleb likes to laugh and have fun, and once you get him going, he can be really goofy. He likes jokes and he and Dallin sometimes get a little out of control with their silliness. I love to hear him laugh.

I love that kid.

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