Thursday, August 6, 2009

How Much Stuff Can You Fit in Your Pockets?

A pair of scissors fell out of Caleb's pocket when he bounced onto the couch yesterday. Of course, after that I made him empty his pockets. Here's what he had inside:

1 Luke Skywalker action figure with light sabre, 1 Bakugan action figure, 21 plastic gold coins, 2 stubby pencils, 9 army guys, 1 paper clip, 1 home-made toothpick from a recent camping trip, 1 22 shell, 1 9 mm shell, 6 pennies, 2 dimes, 1 toy missile, 2 toy daggers, 2 penny racer cars, the Batmobile, 9 Legos, 1 empty candy container, 1 gold medal on a ribbon necklace, 2 sword toothpicks, wallet with money inside, 8 miniature Star Wars action figures, 2 orange plastic beads, 1 2-foot length of yarn, 1 rock, 2 packets of salt, 2 pepper packets, 1 sugar packet, 1 nub of red licorice, 2 screws of different sizes, 1 safety pin, 10 flowers (crumbled and dried), 1 starlight mint candy, 1 bent nail, and 1 burned match

This is no joke. And they weren't even cargo shorts! This kid is a bona-fide pack rat. After this eye-opening exercise we made a goal that Caleb would restrict himself to 10 items per pocket. In time, we'll move to 5, and so on. And no nails, screws, or scissors, please!


Chad and Mindy said...

That makes me smile!!

Brinkerhoffs said...

Holy Cow!!! He must have had them stuffed! That's too funny!