Monday, July 27, 2009

Meteor Nice to Meet You

Being parents, we have a responsibility to teach our kids to be courteous and respectful. To this end we periodically pull out a favorite family home evening lesson where stick-puppet superheroes representing good manners (Thunder Thank You, Power Please, etc.) rescue a person in different situations.

In last week's superhero-manners lesson we introduced a new superhero. Please welcome...Meteor Nice to Meet You.

"Here's a superhero who knows how to make an entrance. He comes to your rescue when you meet or greet someone."

Oh, we covered all of the basics: shaking hands, looking the person in the eye, not fidgeting, answering questions politely. Mitch and I pretended to be visitors and we role-played the situation with each of the boys. We even took brownies to a friend's house and practiced on them.

Real-life application

Yesterday Mitch invited a friend over for brownies and ice cream. Before he arrived, we reminded the kids about Meteor Nice to Meet You.
"Don't forget to shake Eric's hand and look him in the eye," we admonished. The doorbell rang. Caleb and Adam greeted Eric at the door and did very well with their manners. Before Eric got five steps inside, Dallin streaked in wielding a Nerf shotgun, shot Eric in the leg, laughed, and ran for cover.
Meteor Nice to Meet You was MIA.

(Sorry about that, Eric.)

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Alicia Dabney said...

Hahahahahahahaha! Oh, Dallin sounds like a fun little ball of chaos. :)