Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Adam's Broken Arm

In early December Adam broke his arm rolling off the arm of this couch.

It was a pretty bad break, and Mitch, who was reading bedtime stories at the time, heard the snap. Here's the X-ray.

This is after most everyone had signed his cast. Adam did really well lugging it around. No complaints, and it certainly didn't slow him down. In fact, it wasn't long after his accident that we had to get after him to quit jumping around on the couch so as not to break his other arm.

When the doctor removed his cast after 4 weeks, Adam's bone wasn't totally healed so he came home with this cast.

Two weeks later his arm was all better, but Adam was pretty nervous and even though he didn't need it physically, he required this band-aid to quiet his mind.

And now he's pretty much good as new. Our bodies are amazing.

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Alicia Dabney said...

That photo of Adam with the band-aid on his arm is just priceless!