Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Baby Turned One

Brandt is one year old!  He walks, plays peek-a-boo like a champ, loves splashing in the pool and gives fantastic, sweet-sloppy kisses.

You should have seen how excited his brothers were for his birthday.  They worked hard to decorate for Brandt's birthday party - blowing balloons, painting posters and hanging streamers.  They sure love their little brother.

Brandt reveled in the attention he received on his special day, and I think he liked the decorations.

You can see he's walking pretty well now, though he takes a spill once in awhile.

This is was Brandt's little birthday cake.  I decided it would be a dog because of the way Brandt lights up every time we come across a pooch.  He kicks, flaps his wrists, grunts, and pants with his tongue out.  And if we're holding him he leeeeans out toward the dog in hopes that he can pet it.

Brandt was pretty unsure about what to do with his cake.  It took a long time for him to get his hands dirty.  In fact, he never ate more than a bite!  

Despite all this, he discovered how fun it was to play in and made up for his lack of interest in eating the cake by destroying it with gusto.

Happy birthday, Brandt!  We love you so much.


Alicia Dabney said...

Happy Birthday, Brandt! I can't believe it's been a year already.

Brandee said...

What a cute boy! What a fast year. Your boys are so cute! Hope your summer is going well.