Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I love it when I see confidence and optimism in my children!  I struggled with confidence as a kid and I know how much a lack of confidence and fear can hold a person back.

At the beginning of the summer Adam was terrified of the water.  When "swimming" he splashed and played the entire time on the step.  If Mitch offered to give him a ride on his back Adam jumped out of the pool and cowered tearfully.  That all changed when he had swimming lessons.  After six lessons Adam's fear was gone and he had learned to swim (thanks to my amazing friend Shelly) and even jump off the diving board!  Since then he has learned to swim farther, with breaths, so he can swim across the pool.  He's been doing great!

Last week Mitch was swimming with the boys.  Caleb and Dallin were swimming down and retrieving toys from the bottom of the deep end.  Mitch took Adam for a ride on his back so he could go down and touch the bottom like his brothers.  After surfacing Mitch asked him if he would like to try to touch the bottom himself.  Adam said yes.  He plunged right in and kicked his way down, touched the bottom, turned, and swam to the surface.  His head cleared the water.
"Yes!" he exulted.  "Yes!  I knew I could do that!"

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