Thursday, August 5, 2010


A few things from today:

Mitch left for work
I slept in until 7:00 am
I made crepes for breakfast
I read a fantastic talk
Brandt needed a bath after breakfast - he had syrup all over his hair
Brandt discovered how to climb on the kitchen chairs, and from there to the top of the table
I unlocked the pantry door to free Dallin's shorts, which were caught
The boys were very excited to play their new Wii game they earned with our summer point system
The kids did a good job on their "homework" and chores
Adam threw a bunch of gravel on the trampoline
Laundry -  I needed some clean unmentionables
I tried two new recipes: Strawberry Meringue Buttercream (too sweet) cupcakes, and my friend Sherri's yummy fruit salad
I made the kids chicken salad sandwiches for lunch
I tidied the house, registered Caleb for music classes, picked up a few groceries
Brandt napped
I fed my facebook addiction (got to do something about that)
I arranged a play date
There were a few fits and arguments between the boys - not too bad
I counted calories; didn't exercise
I plowed through a few pages of Les Miserables (will I ever finish!?)  Love this quote, by the way: "The onward march of the human race requires that the heights around it be ablaze with noble and enduring lessons of courage."   - Victor Hugo
I paid the water bill
I signed a petition
Mitch came home from work just in time for us to host a BBQ for 16
Most everyone went swimming
I shared a YouTube video with a couple of our guests
I ordered some clothes for the kids online, got a smokin' deal (Mitch sniffed it out, of course)
I gave Brandt another bath
Adam stayed clean and dry today.  Yay!
I watched some of the scorpion hunt going on in my backyard.
I read to, sang to, hugged, and prayed with my children and told each one that I love them.

Sometimes I think it's useful to record the happenings of the day so I can feel like I have accomplished something.  It helps to keep me from forgetting the daily details of life, as well as its pace and phases, and from feeling that all the days seem to blur together without much to distinguish them.  Each one is a little different, with its own share of the humdrum, joy, pain, and growth that is part of life.


Alicia Dabney said...

That's lovely.

Shaun and April Payne said...

Are you sure that was one day and not one week?? I love checking in on you guys. We miss you guys