Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Recent Quotes

Disappointed, we piled back into the van after discovering the tennis courts were already in use.  Caleb said, "We just came here for nothing."
Mitch said, "It's not like you guys were doing anything.  You were watching TV. "
Caleb replied, "We were wasting our time in a better way."

A girl passed by on the sidewalk outside the van.  Dallin gasped.  "It's a girl!"
He knocked on the window and the girl turned at the sound.
"She likes me," Dallin said.

"Ooo, Christmas trees for sale!" I said as we passed a brightly-lit lot on the corner.
"Outstanding!" Adam declared.  "We can get one of those for Christmas!"

"I... [insert the word 'love' here]... cookie!"

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