Monday, December 13, 2010

Logic Vs. Traditional Christmas Cards

Retrieving the mail is a chore Mitch takes care of.  But when the Christmas cards begin to appear I actually start to look forward to the mail.  I love the family photos, the festive cards and the well wishes.  I tape them on the wall so I can look at them throughout the season. 

But... is the tradition of sending holiday cards dying out?  People keep in touch in so many different ways.  There are tons of funny, touching You Tube videos, ecards, digital picture frames and other options to send and display holiday greetings.  Are the traditional cards necessary anymore?  Why spend the money on cards, photos, and stamps, right?  Besides, it can hardly be considered the "green" thing to do.  Think of all the trees sacrificed!

No, Christmas cards are not necessary.  Yes, they can be expensive.  No, they're not green.  Logic is all against them.  But, dang it, I love them anyway!  I love to open them with my hands, read the messages inside and hang them on my wall.  And I hope they don't go away anytime soon.

That said, logic rules the day around here and we will be sending out an e-greeting this year.  I'm just a little bit sad about that.

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