Friday, December 11, 2009

Adam's Birthday

Adam is 3!

10 things I love about Adam:

1- His laugh. He laughs when he's happy, when he anticipates something good, and when he's excited.

2- His charm. He is very talkative and likes to share his thoughts with everyone. He charms strangers, friends and family alike.

3- His love for his brothers.

4- His rhythm. You know those a cappella singers who do percussion with their voices? Adam does that. And he has a particular rhythm that is his favorite. He'll sometimes sing a phrase with percussion. For example, "The tag ts goes in the back ts ts ts..."

5- His cheerful attitude. He once advised a scolding mom at the park to "Be happy, okay?" Okay forget the mom at the park. He tells me that too.

6- His imagination. On a recent errand in the van Adam held his arm up as if he were grasping the ceiling strap, which he could not reach. "Mom, I'm holding on, he told me. He did so through multiple stoplights and all the way home, even though he was "tired of holding on."

7- His curiosity about the world.

8- His sense of wonder. Tonight Mama and Papa of the Bernstein bears were at Chik-fil-A. Adam's eyes were alight and he wanted to go say hello. Caleb hardly blinked, and Dallin asked, "How do they breathe in those costumes?"

9- His love for his mom and dad. He threw his little arms around me yesterday and told me I was "the best Mom."

10- His sweet hugs and kisses.

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