Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Greetings 2009

Child Our 4th son, Brandt was born on June 21st. His warm smile brings us joy.

Handy I can think of other adjectives – happy, or hectic, for example. I chose handy because Mitch and I have been absorbed with trying to discover our inner handyman/woman with all the repairs we need to do in the new house.

Rental We’re making our first foray into landlordhood. We’re on our second renters in as many months. Wish us luck.

Imperceptible You don’t notice it as much when you are with them every day, but when I look back over the year I am amazed at how much the kids have learned and grown!

Soccer/Star Wars Caleb and Dallin both played soccer this fall. Both teams were named after stinging insects (Green Hornets and Yellow Jackets). Almost as exciting, they both discovered Star Wars.

Timer "Beep! Beep! Your time is up." We got a Nintendo Wii this year and, let me tell you, the boys love it! They would play it all day long every day if we let them so we have to intervene with “media minutes” and the kitchen timer.

Moved/Music Mitch carried me over the threshold of our first house nine years ago. We moved to our new house in October. Also music, because Caleb and Dallin have been continuing their music classes and are doing well.

Arm Adam broke his right arm falling off the couch. Shortly afterward we made our first trip as parents to the ER.

Sweet, life is. (I know sound like Yoda right now). But we’ve been truly blessed.

As much as I love the sparkle and magic of this season, really Dallin said it best, “Mom, I know the goodest part of Christmas... Jesus was born.”

Merry Christmas!


Rebecca Irvine said...

I love your little family photo at the end. Merry Christmas!

Alicia Dabney said...

Merry Christmas, Anna! I love this post and especially the family photo at the end!

Chad and Mindy said...

Love the Christmas letter and photo!

Kirsten said...

That goodest part made me choke up a little. We miss you guys still!

Bev said...

That was really cute and fun to read! Love your picture in your beautiful new house!

Kristen said...

Zerin broke his leg this year :( 2 weeks after he started walking. It was an adventure. Love you guys! Merry Christmas!

shawni said...

Thanks for the little update, and I love that cute picture of your family. Hope you guys are having a great vacation!
Love, Shawni