Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mt. Lemmon in Autumn

Recently we took off after Saturday soccer games and drove down to Tucson for the weekend.  Mitch wanted to go see Mount Lemmon, since we've lived here all these years and we've never been there.

It could not have been more beautiful.  The weather was in full cooperation too, and we relished the chilly breeze as we picnicked near the summit.  What a view of the desert floor and rolling brown hills below!  And the leaves!  Each fall I speak of these great plans for getting away to "see the leaves."  See, not many leaves (read: none) turn brilliant colors in my neighborhood and I really miss that part of fall.  So when I saw the gold and red as we flashed by on our way to the summit, I was so excited!

The only bad part was that I forgot the camera!  I wanted to record some of the beauty around us but all I had was my phone.  Here are some of those pics.

It was a beautiful day, and I'm glad my kids got to see those leaves.  They were like gold.  Each boy chose one favorite leaf to bring home and I have them pressed into a book to help them remember.

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