Monday, November 12, 2012

Piano, Puppets, and a Pretty Deep Bow

Brandt has been into the performing arts lately.  One day he said, "Mom, I'm going to play you a song." Then he sat at the piano and played freely (with a grape in his cheek here).  When he was satisfied he jumped off the bench and announced that he was done.  

After the second performance I taught him to stand and bow while I applauded.  He liked that.  And then it was my turn to play and then bow while he clapped.

We repeated this scenario a few times.  Sometimes I thought Brandt might tip right over from the depth of his bow.

Not long afterwards, Brandt asked if he could play puppets.

His older brothers arrived home from school just in time to see some of his shows, the plots of which mostly followed this pattern:
1- Character 1 goes looking for Character 2 and, with help from the audience, finds him.
2- Characters 1 and 2 proceed to wrestle or fight.
3- Adam got to determine which character would win, until Dallin got fed up and told Brandt to decide on his own.

These were the best seats in the house.

I loved watching Brandt enjoy being creative and in the spotlight with his older brothers' attention on him.

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