Thursday, November 8, 2012


We spent a few days in Oceanside over Fall Break.  Mitch's parents came with us and we had a lovely trip. We spent most of our time on the beach.  Here are a few favorite pictures.

As soon as we got there the kids got busy digging in the sand, making pits, castles, sand turtle.

Mitch, Caleb and I worked together on this guy.  

Yes, we hauled this shovel to Oceanside in the back of our minivan.  Yes, it was worth it.   It was the best thing for finding sand crabs.

Brand thought this shovel was alright too.  He loved playing in the sand but he was pretty nervous about all  of those foaming waves that kept coming at him.  

Brandt kept a pretty close eye on those waves, and ran away every time...

...even when his big, strong dad was sitting right next to him.

Adam loved playing in the waves,

but he spent most of the time digging, and scooping, and digging some more.  

The ocean inspires contemplation.

Or maybe it was just fun to watch those surfers out there. 

Mitch bought a couple of boogie boards, which were a hit.

  Sea fort


One morning we went to La Jolla.  When we arrived it was cool and misty, which is pretty much opposite normal conditions at home.  I think Adam's and Brandt's favorite part of that trip was chasing the seagulls in the mist.   

Grandma and Grandpa after the mist burned off.

We went to La Jolla in hopes of seeing sea lions and seals, which we did.  But the Dallin thought the best part of all was walking down near this "sea cave" and being splashed by the spray. 

Back at Oceanside, things got pretty silly before we left.

It was a great trip!

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