Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hairy Little Monsters

Adam's new little friend from school has been wanting to have a playdate with Adam for awhile now.  His mom and I finally coordinated our schedules so we could meet up at the park yesterday after school.  The kids played on the playground while the friend's mom told me how much her son admired Adam and wants to emulate him.  Then she said,

"He doesn't want to comb his hair because he says,
  'Adam doesn't comb his hair so I don't want to comb my hair either.'"

She had just told me she was a hair stylist. Haha!

So I'm not so good at styling my boys' hair.  Actually my solution to the problem is usually to cut their hair off when it gets too long to look good without combing.  And, it's time to do that again.  But I still think they look adorable, my little monsters.

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