Friday, October 12, 2012

Crazy Hair Day

Today is Crazy Hair Day at the elementary school.

The kids normally have short, short hair and in the past we haven't really participated in Crazy Hair Day beyond a few gelled spikes.

This time the kids were determined (and they have a bit more hair to work with).

Dallin dearly wanted to dye his hair, but since he has blonde hair, and his baptism is tomorrow morning, I convinced him that may not be a wise choice.  He had to settle for spikes and pick-up-sticks.

He was alright with that.

Since we didn't plan ahead beyond bedtime last night, I didn't have hair dye (and was too lazy for a nocturnal run to the store) we ground up our last bits of blue chalkboard chalk and used it to color Caleb's spikes.  He decided they made a good sea for his little tropical friend.

Adam's interested in aliens right now so I thought it would be fun for him to sport some "alien eyes" among his locks.

He agreed.

What am I doing with my own hair for crazy hair day, you ask?  I'm thinking a ponytail sounds good right about now.  Sheesh. I have new respect for the daily morning routine of moms of little girls with long hair.

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Fit Mom said...

Love it! How did you attach the pipe cleaners to the hair on the alien?