Thursday, October 18, 2012


I've been wanting to do this hike for a long time.  It's the one people talk about, have stories about, and it's the one they point out, "you see on the mountain right there?" when in sight of the Superstition Mountains.

Let's borrow Wikipedia's photo to give you a visual:

Flatiron is the first jagged peak from the right. 

Mitch has hiked it several times with friends, family members... a random hiker group.  He's even done it in the dark!  

You can imagine my excitement when Mitch asked me earlier this month if I'd like him to take me.   When I gave him a hard time about not bringing me before he said, "Well, you're finally not with child."
Well, every time a previous trip was planned I was either pregnant or nursing a little one. By the way, this whole trip was made possible by my amazing parents-in-law who agreed to watch over said little ones.

We got up early to hit the mountain by about six (in Arizona it's important to beat the sun).    The air was cool and the light a little dim when we got started, with all the colors muted.  The thing about this hike is that it's steep.  And rocky.  And steep.  Just getting to the first real landmark, Siphon Draw, my heart was really pumping. 

 And then we were scrambling up the slick rock, pausing for breath, and then plunging ahead to hike up the ravine, climbing rocks, weaving between branches of  a few scattered Mesquite trees, and climbing more rocks.

And yes, I am wearing a dress.  Big mistake.  I wouldn't recommend it for steep hikes. 

Anyway, as we reached the "first top" as Mitch termed it, I had just gasped out, "How many 'tops' are there?" when I was momentarily stunned by the sight of the hoodoos, stark against the sky and lit up with the rays of morning sunlight, desert plants scattered at their feet.  It was such a beautiful sight!

 Mitch pointed out Flatiron:

Mitch took this picture in 2008.  We forgot to take one.

And then we continued to the summit.  

The 360-degree view was spectacular.  We rested as we sat together quietly, taking it all in.  There was mixture of reverence and triumph in looking out together at the desert floor below and the mountains around us.  Of solitude and togetherness. A good feeling.

The hike down was seemed to go by in a flash.  I had so much fun, and I was so happy that I finally got to go!

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