Sunday, October 26, 2008

Adam's Birthday

Yesterday marked two years since Adam was born. After his birth, I wrote in my journal that our brand new baby had "melted our hearts." That still fits. We can't help but smile when Adam is around.

I love how cheerful he is in the morning. When he wakes up he'll call, "Mom! Mom!" from his crib. I'll open the door. "Oh!" he'll gasp, "Good morning, Mom!" It's like the rays of morning sun coming in the window.

Adam's personality is warm and enthusiastic. His reactions to even simple things bring smiles. Today I tossed an empty box into the recycle garbage can. Adam was watching and when I sunk it, he said with a big smile, "Good job, Mom!"

I love the feeling of his little arms around my neck in a big hug. He loves giving his Daddy what we call "knock-over" hugs. That's when Adam puts his back to the front door and then races the length of our house into Dad's waiting arms and "knocks" him flat on his back. All our boys love doing this.

Adam is social and outgoing. It's fun to watch him spark smiles at the grocery store, park, or wherever we may pass someone by and he'll say, "Hi!" like he's been waiting all day to see them.

Adam loves his brothers, and looks up to them very much. It's endearing to watch Adam, in his excitement over something, say, "I go tell guys!" before running to share.

Adam loves music. He'll often tell me to "push triangle," which refers to the Play button on our CD player, so he can hear some music. Every night he insists that we sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and at least one verse of Follow the Prophet before he will say goodnight.

Adam loves to belly laugh. Whether it's from being tickled, chased, or something silly, Adam loves laughing. When he starts, you can't help but smile, or join in yourself. In fact, when he was younger and couldn't speak as well, he laughed anytime he wanted to communicate in the affirmative.

I love his little kisses, and I love to hear him tell me, "I wuv you, Mom."

This is what Caleb said when I asked him why he loves Adam: "He wants to play a lot. He helps clean up. He asks, 'Are you okay?' and says, 'Sorry.' He has good manners."

Here's what Dallin said when I asked him why he loves Adam: "Because I love him."


Brinkerhoffs said...

Happy Birthday Adam! He's a cutie!

shawni said...

Anna, good job on this blog! It's so fun to see what your kids and husband look like since I hear about them at book club. I'll have to be back to check on you guys!

Kirsten said...

Happy Birthday Adam. We miss your parents so much still and wish we could watch you every day. We're glad your mom is doing a blog so we can keep track!