Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This is the man I love...

Look quick.
He may ask me to pull this post, even though I tried really hard not to appear sappy. In fact I didn't really say anything at all, other than that I love him. Which is just a fact.

I didn't go on about his sense of humor, what a wonderful dad he is, or enumerate the ways he takes care of our family. I didn't gush about how he makes me feel like a queen. Nothing about how he pushes me to accomplish my goals, even when I have almost given up hope in them, or how the sun shines brighter when he is around.

Nah, he can have nothing to say about this post.

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Brinkerhoffs said...

Yipee! I was excited to see you have a blog! Fun to see you and your family and what's been going on! Check us out if you want---