Thursday, October 9, 2008

I a Big Boy

There it is.

The last diaper.

Mom give me cool big-boy underwear with baseballs on. She talk a lot about putting pee in the potty. I ate lots of treats and juice and we play a game with Dolly. I give her a drink of water and she pee in the potty. It fun. Then Mom make me sit on my potty. For long time. She too excited. I didn't want to sit there. I told her I done. The potty feel funny around my bum. Then something happened. I make puddle on tile. It was my pee. It make my big-boy pants wet. Mommy not excited any more. She make me practice pulling my underwear down. She make me sit on the potty again and wipe up the puddle. I want my diapers back. But Mommy say I a big boy now.

She right. I Adam. I a big boy.

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