Monday, October 13, 2008

And I'm Embarassing


The other day we were talking about superheroes. Mitch made a comment like, "Mom is like a superhero. She's like...Supermom."(he's quite sarcastic, in a sweet sort of way), afterwhich I busted out what I thought was a pretty cool super-pose (think poised for heroic flight). Caleb, from his position on the floor said, "Mom, that's embarassing."
"What!?" I said.
"That's kind of embarassing for me."
I didn't even know he knew what it means to be embarassed.
And I thought his stopping me 100 yards from the crosswalk to school was just a sign of his independence. Wow. What will he do when he's a teenager? Claim I'm his crazy aunt?

All Caleb wants for Christmas are...

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