Thursday, April 15, 2010

Disappearing Clutter

For those of you who don't believe in magic, you're wrong.
I'm talking about everyday magic.  Like clutter that disappears all on its own.  The mischief in this magic is that, of course, it doesn't really disappear.  It just seems to.  For example, Mitch pointed out that there is an unpacked box to the left of the homework table.  But I hadn't notice it.

The thing is, I remembered the box, but it became invisible, oh, about two months ago.  Like it got it's own disappearing cloak to make it blend into the background.  And I've been ignoring it ever since.
In order to break this spell you must walk determinedly, and with confidence, about the house with "seeing eyes."  Which is what I did after Mitch pointed out the homework-table box.  I found that there were other bags/boxes/stashes of clutter that I had been seeing through for quite some time - all made visible again.  Now where's my dust mop?

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