Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter 2010

On Saturday Caleb and Dallin got up early and went on an egg hunt with Mitch.  When they got home Adam was still  asleep so they divided their own eggs and hid a bunch for Adam for when he woke up.  They had a ball.

We tried dying some brown eggs this year.  I think we got some amazing colors.  Thanks to my mom and sister for the idea.

Easter morning egg hunts are the best.  This dino has the right idea.  I love Dove chocolate eggs (although Cadbury mini eggs are still my favorite).    

Brandt found a foil-wrapped chocolate egg and before we could say "grab that egg!" he was tearing into it with his little teeth.  

Backyard egg hunt.

Dirt cake.  Wicked mmmmm.

The boys got some good use out of their new water-weaponry.

In addition to all the pictured fun, we listened to conference and celebrated the real meaning of Easter - something I'm very grateful for.

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