Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hot Broccolate

Mitch came home from Sprouts one day with this:

I've been successfully mixing the essence of 33 rainbow-colored fruits and vegetables into Caleb's and Adam's Nesquik in the morning without detection.  This morning I was busted.

Dallin asked for hot chocolate.  With whipped cream.  Furtively, I mixed in a bit of SuperFood in before he could see me.  When I squirted in the cream I noticed with dismay that some of the microscopic bits of green were barely visible around the cream.  However, when I plunked it down Dallin hardly looked at it because he was taunting Adam about his pink cup and he began to drink.  I went into the other room reassured.
It wasn't long before I heard Adam and Dallin talking loudly about broccoli in the chocolate milk.  Oh, boy.

At this point I thought, maybe if I had just made chocolate milk this way from the beginning, the kids wouldn't have had any issue with it.  It would be like, for them, that's just how chocolate milk is.  But then I got thinking about the moment when, at some elementary school lunchtime, my child would ask his friend, "What!?  You mean your chocolate milk isn't a source of antioxidants and three servings of fruit and veggies?"   I was considering gummy vitamins when I heard Dallin yell,
 "Mom!  Why did you put broccoli in my hot chocolate?!"
When I came in the room he was peering into his half-empty cup and stirring with his straw.
"What makes you think there is broccoli in it, Dallin?"
"Because it's green."
Can't beat that logic.
We had a good laugh about the "hot broccolate" and then I left the room again, certain that it was all over for Amazing Grass SuperFood. Dang!

But do you know what?  He drank the rest of it!  That's right, folks.  Dallin drank the hot broccolate by choice.  So did Adam, for that matter.  Just thinking about all those antioxidants floating around in their systems makes me smile.


Rebecca Irvine said...

That stuff sounds interesting. My girls love hot chocolate, so maybe it is time to try some hot broccolate over here!

Alicia Dabney said...

I've been thinking of sneaking some spinach and other "scary" greens in Eve's fruit smoothies, but this would be even better! I'll have to see if I can find any of it around here.

Also, I love the black & white photos of you and Mitch and the boys on your sidebar. :)

Brinkerhoffs said...

That's a cute story! That stuff sounds pretty good, I sure have a hard time getting Carter to eat many fruits and veggies!