Sunday, April 25, 2010

Welcome to the Neighborhood

We got some new neighbors last week.
The day after they moved in our neighbor was out in his backyard by the pool.  He was busy trying to figure out the pool pump when he suddenly felt a spray of water.
"Oh no!" he thought, "I have a leak!"
 He looked frantically around, searching for the source of the spray.  That's when he noticed it was arcing over the fence from the yard next door.  Yep.  Our yard.  Dallin had heard the neighbor in his yard so he got out his squirt gun and, though he couldn't see him, made a lucky shot over the cinder block.  The neighbor shouted his promise to buy himself a Super Soaker for the future.  Dallin just laughed.

We took over a peace offering/welcome gesture (cheesecake brownies) later that night.  Our new neighbor is a good sport, though he did repeat his promise about the Super Soaker.


shawni said...

Hey Anna, so great to hear from you and to get to catch up on your blog. That Caleb sure is cute and wow, that cake is amazing. Talk to you soon!
Love, Shawni

Anna said...

Thanks, Shawni. Did you notice I borrowed your field for pictures? Thanks for the great idea.